Bil’in: 12 years of struggle

Residents from the village of Bil’in were joined by hundreds of Palestinians from other areas, as well as Israelis and internationals on Friday the 17th of February 2017 to commemorate twelve years of the popular movement in the village.

In this time, Israeli occupation soldiers have injured and arrested scores of non-violent demonstrators, killing two Bil’in residents. In April 2009, Bassem Abu Rahmah was killed after he was shot in the chest directly with a tear-gas canister. Jawaher Abu Rahmah, Bassem’s sister, died as a result of tear gas inhalation in 2010.

The apartheid wall was erected in Bil’in in 2005 to separate it from the illegal Israeli settlement Mod’in Illit. 1,300 dunums (320 acres) of land was stolen from Bil’in residents.

Demonstrators march from the centre of the village to the apartheid wall
Palestinians climbing the wall
Cutting the wire fence at the top of the wall, the illegal settlement can be seen in the background



Palestinians attempt to pry open a steel gate in the wall
Palestinians attempt to pry open a steel gate in the wall
The gate is successfully opened
With many of the demonstrators having already left, Israeli occupation soldiers arrived, threw tear gas and shot a rubber bullet
A drone hovered over demonstrators to record faces, which can be used against Palestinians in particular in order to arrest them
Palestinian youth throw stones at Israeli occupation soldiers
Israeli occupation soldiers came through the gate
Israeli occupation soldiers removed stone barriers from the track
After walking through the area, chasing a Palestinian who fell and broke his leg, and a long-stand off with mainly children, soldiers returned to the other side of the wall

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